First post bitches x

“Dream big and dare to fail.”
Norman Vaughan

Soooo I have decided to start a little blog.

“Why the fuck is she doing that?!” I hear you all cry. WELL… I shall tell you. I thought that would be a good way to start off this crazy journey (I wish you could add tiny segments of music to blogs when people read different bits, it would make it so much more exciting.)

I have always appreciated the lovely things in life. Especially now as I am working like a real life grown up person and have a small amount of disposable income which I should probably (definitely) be saving up, but am instead wanting wonderful pretty sparkly things. I have seen so many gorgeous things lately, started banging on at myself in my head about how much I love them and NEED them and should treat myself to them… then forget about said things as soon as I get about 10 minutes down the road.

So how do I resolve this? How do I document such wonderful things, in a place where if I wish to actually go back and buy them at some point, then I can? FUCKING BLOG IT ALL! After a few glasses of wine on a sulky Sunday I decided that this was, obviously, the best idea ever thought of by a human on the earth. Ever. That I should probably get one of those awards that the Queen gives out every now and again for such wondrous genius. I’d quite like to meet her as well- I reckon she’s a right crazy little swine after a few G&T’s. Anyway, I digress. That was the thinking behind it all. So this blog will be a beautiful documentation of not just high heels and party dresses (as wonderful as they are), but anything remotely lovely that I discover.

Stay tuned people, love and kisses to you all xxx


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