Sparkly sparkly

There is something about sparkly things isn’t there? I’m not sure if I was a magpie in a previous life but I’m just drawn to anything with a bit of glitteryness about it. The other month I walked smack bang into a pole because I got so distracted by sparkly shoes in a shop window.

So I have decided to pick out some of my favourite sparkly things that I have spied lately. Hope you enjoy!

(Also as this is my first proper real life post I should probably let you know that a lot of my finds have come from the super duper app Fancy. If you haven’t got it I would so recommend you do- its a bit annoying as its American but its amazing for inspiration for presents / wonderful places to go / lovely unnecessary items that you absolutely must have in your life RIGHT NOW. Get involved, you can spend hours flicking through it!)

Firstly are these super sparkly shoes. See I usually have real beef finding flat shoes… They tend to be a bit dull. But not these bad boys.


On the same foot based note here are some more lush sparkle clad shoes, but a more heely variety… Sadly I can’t find them anywhere but Fancy, but I will keep hunting. Even more than Dora the explorer.


Now a skirt! I would definitely feel a bit like a mermaid in this. A mermaid out on the town, who had just grown legs, but a mermaid nonetheless.


So I’m not too fond of snakes- they have a dodgy look in their beady little eyes and anything that squiggles along the floor is always going to be a bit shady I reckon. But glitter snakey nail wraps? That’s another story.


And finally something completely pointless but to brighten up anyone’s day and add a bit of glitz to your iPhone… SPARKLY ADDED ON BITS. Who doesn’t want their Apple apple to glitter even better than a disco ball? I love disco balls.


I like the number 5 so I think that’s enough for now but there will no doubt be many many more sparkly joys on here as time goes by. Hope you liked them, new loveliness will be added soon 🙂 xxx

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