Inspiring quotes of life

Everyone has those shit days right? Work has been a bitch, your bloke/neighbour/child/cat/window cleaner has been a bell end, the person next to you on the train turned the page on their Metro too loudly… Everything just gets on your tits. Especially people then telling you to cheer up. You are genuinely convinced that this is it and the world will probably melt because something fucked up that day, and nothing that anyone says or does can solve this irreconcilable impending doom. It’s not fun is it?

So sometimes you just need a bit of a mental bitch slap- for your mind to go GURL, WHATS YO PROBLEM? GET UP OFF YO SORRY ASS AND GET OUT THERE. SHIT COULD BE WORSE SO MAN THE FUCK UP (in an American bordering into Essex accent, obv).

My theory on this? Lovely quotes can sometimes do that mental bitch slap. The ones that are good enough you read them and go you know what? It’s not all that bad, and tomorrow will be better. FO SHO. And the world probably won’t melt. Yet.

In light of this discovery I’ve put together a few of my favs that make the world a bit sunnier when the clouds are following me about… So grab a glass of rosé, get reading and life will be 79% better by the end of this post 🙂 no money back guarantees though.


I hope you now all feel inspired 🙂 or at least a little bit more smiley inside x

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