Singing cyclists

I think as a person, in general, I’m pretty easily pleased. The little things in life make me happy (as you may have gathered if you have read any previous posts). So wonders like this make my day…

Picture the scene… We’re in the pub for a leaving do the other day and I go outside to take a call. What joy does this outside land hold? A singing man! In the street, on his bike, complete with a harmonica and a crowd of people cheering him on with their hands swaying in the air. It was an emotional experience for all involved, so I got him to sing to me (which made it all the more emotional.) Who doesn’t love being serenaded in the street? And he was pretty good, bless his little cotton gloves. X Factor eat your heart out. Obviously this joy needed to be shared with you wonderful people, hope you enjoy! 🙂


Love him! x


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