Top 10 things to make you feel like a real life princess

Have you ever watched a Disney film and gazed longingly at the normal girl/mermaid /gypsy turned princess and wondered “Why the fuck has a hot guy with floppy hair not come along, serenaded me with doves and butterflies dancing in a heart above his head and just HAPPENED to be a prince?”

Sadly I can’t make that happen. I mean, there’s probably a very small chance, but its not likely. BUT I do know that a few things in life can make you feel sparkly enough to skip down the street, sprinkling rose petals at passers by… At least in your head. And everyone deserves a bit of princessyness in their life.
1. Fake eyelashes

I know. Probably the most predictable of them all if you know me at all, but I’m a firm believer. Nothing can instantly freshen up your face than whacking on a pair of lashes and/or a good lick of an awesome mascara and fluttering away. And butterflies flutter, so what’s not to love?
If you’re going to go all out, individual eyelashes are amazing. They also run the risk of getting quite addictive and can ruin your eyelashes if you are, so strip lashes are a much cheaper (and quicker) alternative. My top tip? Get a pack from eBay. You can get 10 pairs for less than 3 quid, which is even cheaper than one pair in the shops.

When it comes to mascara, my very glamorous mother has recently discovered this. She practically dribbles if you even mention it.
To quote her: “You can TRUST it… You can even cry in it a little bit. And it’s not even waterproof.”


2. When your hair goes really good

Everyone has bad hair days. Sometimes my hair looks like I’ve got myself into a really unfortunate series of events, like falling into a bucket of lard after being electrocuted then pushed over by my dog and dragged through a forest head first. All before I’ve made it down to the station.

But then there are some days- those sweet, wonderful days- when it just goes really fucking good. You turn into a bit of a knob, saying things like “have you noticed how shiny/soft/voluminous my hair is today? I know right, it keeps shining into my eyes…” I did this the other day. Much to the despair of my mum and sister (although even after this both did say “you hair actually IS so shiny today”, after I’d stop marvelling quite so much).

If you want shiny hair, this is my most recent discovery. Loving it loving it loving it.
3. Wonderful nails

Staying on the same theme, having lovely nails just makes you feel like a bit more of a classy bird. I’m a big fan of nail wraps this week… They have been well received.
Ignore the one not matching nail…

I also discovered these the other day, I’m genuinely in love.
4. Actually BEING in a castle

What could possibly make you feel more like cute little hand drawn forest animals will casually dance through the window singing sweetly before gently placing a crown shaped daisy chain on your head? Actually BEING in a castle. It’s true, I went here the other week. It was so beautiful that I had an overwhelming urge to skip everywhere and kept sitting on the window sill pretending to be a damsel in distress/Rapunzel after she’d had a little bit of a trim.
There was even a peacock that roamed the grounds, called Perry or something. Why not?
5. Glass of fizz in the sun

A glass of fizz, be that champagne, prosecco or anything generally along those lines, is a wonderful thing. How can you improve on this? Sitting outside on a wonderful sunny day, casually sipping it like a lady of leisure. Easier said than done in England with its crazy bitch weather, but if it is sunny then give it a go.
If you’re not so keen on the fizzy stuff, try Marks and Spencer’s Piña Colada in a big glass with loads of ice… Yum yum yum. Add some large shades and pretend you’re a celeb hiding from the paparazzi for extra fun.
6. Beautiful shoes

Oh shoes, you cruel mistress. I am a bit of a shoe fanatic, even if I do tend to buy countless pairs of beautiful heels and then forget about them and realise months later that I’ve only worn each pair once. But it is a lovely feeling when you have an amazing pair of KICK ASS heels on, like a real life Cinderella. Although I’m still not sure how she managed to leg it out of the ball and not realise she only had one on… She must have been pretty smashed.
7. Lovely dresses

Similarly to the above, I love a good dress. To the point where it’s pretty much all I wear. This is partially out of laziness because I then don’t have the stress of choosing matching outfits in the morning (plus sometimes I’m so bloody tired I wouldn’t trust this early morning judgement), but it just makes you feel a bit more glam. Dahhhhhling.

This is my current favourite… I saw it and decided that I NEEDED it, then justified the purchase when a suitable event came up. So worth it.
8. Sparkly bling

So being from Essex I am partial to a bit of overly sparkly bling. Especially when it PERFECTLY MATCHES something else lovely that I’ve bought (like the below and the dress above). I decided that was totally fate. Cute little boutique shops are good for things like this… A bit different and very, very glitzy.
9. Pampered like a princess

I think that there should be a law that every lovely lady should have some kind of spa treatment at least once every three months. Ok maybe not a law, but it’s still a good idea. Life is stressful, work is stressful. So sometimes you need a little something to make everything seem a bit sunnier.

Secret Escapes do amazing deals on little spa getaways. Even if it’s once a year, I guarantee you will thank yourself for it.
10. Treating yourself

For the same reason as the above, you need a treat every now and then. Even if it’s splashing out on one little thing occasionally – be that a lovely bit of new makeup, a sparkly bit of new jewellery or a luscious bottle of your favourite perfume. Do it, then revel in the fact that you are awesome at life, have worked your arse off and most definitely deserve your cheeky little treat.

Hope you’re all feeling a bit princess like already 🙂

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